A hope for the Revival of Cinema

Cinema and entertainment has been an indispensable part of Human’s recreational activities. Just turning on  a new movie or your favourite TV show at home or walking outside of our homes to spend and enjoy the weekend or your Sunday evenings by watching movies in the theatres is being missed by the people badly . Although it was the need of hour to shut down the theatres, gym , malls,  educational institutes and other non essential places. But we cannot deny the losses and the consequences all of the people engaged or  indulged in these sectors had to face   .

Talking about the cinema , a plethora of movies which were supposed to be released at the silver screen now,   remain unreleased or  dismayed and are waiting for the rejuvenation of the theatres with full capacity.  Although many of the projects took the way of  online releasing  whether it was big or small projects  like Radhe,  Dil bechara Coolie Number 1, etc. Still the aroma of the Theatres are Always missed.  No doubt that pandemic has given a boost to a new trend of web series so that people do not get bereft of the new entertainment Projects  and the celebrities and filmmakers do not lose touch with their audience . 

Ki Banu Punia Da , Punjabi Web series

Like other entertainment industries , pollywood has also witnessed the same scenario as many of the ready to release movies are left wrapped in a closed basket aur hardly one or two movies were released at OTT platform . Similarly,  the Pollywood film makers also switched to this web series theme to keep connected with their fans and audiences  as many big web series Projects are around the corner which were and can be released further in between Lockdown like Zila Sangrur,  yaar jigree kasooti degree series,  ki Banu Punia Da but we cannot deny the fact and the situation of the dead cinemas and theatres which can only be revived until the pandemic looses is its severity and people feel secure and safe to move out of the their homes to again live their favourite recreational activity and life turns back to the normal again .

The Poster and trailer for the web series have been released and you can watch the trailer on Smeep Kang’s Official Youtube Channel. 

Watch Ki Banu Punia Da Episode 01 :

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