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Ki Banu Punia Da , Punjabi Web series

Smeep Kang , the comedy king of Punjabi movies and industry never runs out of the content when it approaches comedy, sarcasm, laughter, humor  and good message. The actor come director and the producer has mastered the act of delivering a good message wrapped under the comedy or in the sarcastic words whether his movies are concerned for  you if you peep into his social media accounts,  the essence of the best comedy is can always be felt that is why the audience admires and love him most , the other artists call him the coolest director and maybe that’s why he is known as the comedy king of Punjabi movies behind the camera . 

Ki Banu Punia Da , Punjabi Web series

The film maker has not released any of his upcoming movies  and projects recently due to the closure of theatres by the government restrictions which include Bai Ji Kuttange,  Jeonde Raho bhoot ji , welcome Bhua ji,  Gol Gappe, ki Banu Punia Da , etc  .

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But meanwhile the actor has find a way to not to lost a touch with his audience and  the people who love him. The filmmaker usually stays active on his social networking sites to stay in touch with his fans and followers and keeps sharing the pictures of the movie , posters,  on the shoot sneak peeks from his life and the scenarios around him whose captions are funny and sarcastic which make the followers laugh and giggles through their hearts along with serving new wits to them . The actor shared his pictures with some quotes to which most of the married men will agree and can be beneficial  if applied Positively for a happy and most imperatively , a peaceful married life. The actor took to his social media accounts and post a picture of him with the caption – If you are wrong and you shut up, you are wise. If you are right and you shut up, you are married.


His other post Penned the words – Behind every successful man is his woman. Behind the fall of a successful man is usually another woman.


One of his posts mentioned – Children are scared of an angry father. But when a mother is angry, even the angry father gets scared.


We are sure that these words surely made you giggle too and agreed upon that like everyone.

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