Daler Mehndi released his new Shabad “Nain Mahinje Tarasde” with DRecords.

Popular Punjabi singer Daler Mehndi has released a new Shabad titled “Nain Mahinje Tarasde” at music label, DRecords International, founded by his wife Taran Mehndi. The shabad is available to stream on all major platforms, including YouTube on the DRecords Gurbani channel.

“Nain Mahinje Tarasde” is a beautiful and soulful rendition of the Sikh Shabad, which is a prayer to God. This is sung in Mehndi’s trademark style, and it is sure to please his fans. The music video for the song features the lyrical version of the shabad in a melodious and divine way.

 The label DRecords International at its new Gurbani Channel- DRecords Gurbani, is not just dedicated to promoting Gurbani music, and it plans to release a number of new Shabads and other music in the coming months.

 “We want to promote Gurbani music to a wider audience, and we believe that Daler’s voice is the perfect way to do that.” Said his wife.

“Nain Mahinje Tarasde” is a great start for DRecords Gurbani, and it is sure to be a hit with fans of Gurbani music. This shabad is available to stream now on all major platforms.

The release of “Nain Mahinje Tarasde” reaffirms Daler Mehndi’s commitment to creating music that transcends language and culture, touching the hearts of audiences from all walks of life. 

With its mesmerizing melody and profound lyrics, this Shabad is set to become a timeless classic in the world of devotional music.


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