Ki Banu Punia Da Episode 1

The wait is finally over as the first episode of the most awaited Punjabi Web series Ki Banu Punia Da is out now. Ki Banu Punia da episode 1 which was announced to be releasing on 12th March 2022 , has hit the YouTube screens of the audience today on its scheduled date.

Ki Banu Punia Da episode 01

Storyline for Ki Banu Punia Da first episode  :

The story of the web series as per Ki Banu Punia Da first episode , revolves around the Punia Family :  Balwant Singh Punia ( Jaswinder Bhalla ) , Rajvir Singh (Babbal Rai) ,  their crazy relatives and acquaintances. 

At one side , Rajvir is all set to introduce his longtime secret girlfriend Harman ( Saira ) to his father Balwant Singh Punia to allow their marriage. While on the other side , his father Balwant Punia ( Jaswinder Bhalla ) is keeping in store a totally opposite surprise for him by already arranging Rajvir’s marriage blindly to the girl of his most trusted ‘Pandit’ without any consultation and knowledge of  Rajvir.

A power-packed Comedy surges and invites great laughter, cackling arguments, problems and confusion when both sides confront and express their firm plans and intentions with each other. 

Ki Banu Punia Da first Episode Review : 

The genre of Ki Banu Punia Da was announced as a comedy. As per the story and screenplay showed in the first episode, this genre is very well played,  proved and stood by the production team and cast of the series very well. An apt amount of comedy punches and laughter hits gives you a great dose of entertainment, humour as well as refreshing comedy. The great Punjabi comedy actor Jaswinder Bhalla has again done justice to his character and the overall through his marvellous comedy punches and perfect dialogue delivery timings.  Smeep Kang and the whole team through their enjoyable acting have been successful to provide the audience a fresh, entertaining and humorous comedy package, as promised.

Watch Ki Banu Punia Da episode 1: 


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