Recalling a sweet and Hilarious  Lockdown Memory with Smeep Kang

Ki Banu Punia Da , Punjabi Web series

Lockdown has been one of the toughest times of our lives . Life was held captive inside the roofs and walls , simultaneously affecting survival outside our homes.  But it is always said that we  should look at the brighter sides of things and find the good disguised in the evil. Many great and rare things also happened during this time , like the reunions of all the family members sitting with each other like in the 90s and watching Ramayana Together ,  spending more time with our favourite recreational activities, and the popping out of  a hidden chef in all of the apprentice us. This type of imitated instance is recalled by the  Punjabi movies director Smeep Kang also on his social media posts which occurred with him and his wife beside him . We are  sure  this must be  inspired from his real life . The post described his picture along with a hilarious caption which is worth reading and cackle upon. The caption mentioned – In the lockdown.. at night..

Wife – Smeep..

Me – Hmmm..

Wife – If you snore one more time, it will not be corona that kills you.


The audience went rofl over this sweet husband wife story and found it relatable with their also.

Anyways,  May God save this couple from each other’s hilarious mischiefs . 

If we talk about his upcoming project, the Filmmaker is now turning his steps towards OTT and is planning to come up with his first web series titled as ‘ Ki Banu Punia Da ‘. Moreover , there is a grand feast coming in the way of Punjabi audience by him as he is ready to release some of his great upcoming movies content also which includes Jeonde Raho bhoot ji, welcome Bhua ji, Gol Gappe,  Bai Ji Kuttange, Patake Painge, Carry On Jatta 3, Widow colony, etc. 

Watch Ki Banu Punia Da Episode 1 :

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